The Dragon's Fang

The liberty of Brok

September 23rd

Head down the road from the White Cloak Camp and go off road to camp until a few hours past midnight. Leaving the horse and my heavier camp items I begin my way back to the camp.

Find two very regimented Whitecloaks patrolling. Fortunately, I find that there is a point where they both are not near the cage for a short time in their routes. I later time with this and make my way to the suspended cage. When I arrive, I slide my knife to the prisoner and knock just so that he wakes. I catch his gaze and point towards my camp in the south. I begin my quick but stealthy way our of camp.

Back at my horse he is not far behind. I lend him my ax and invite him to ride. He is not wanting to do this but he agrees. He holds tight, trembling a bit and I note he has his veil back on. 

We ride until sun up and take a break off the road. He the formally presents his greeting, Bork of the Salt Flat Sept of the Nakai of the Aiel my water is your water, my shade is your shade. I respond with my name and the offer to share my water and shade as well. I share my water and begin fire preparations to cook my rabbit.

While the fire is starting I sit and prepare the rabbit and I begin to take in everything that has happened in the last month or so.. Trollocs, Illuminators, Fades, Children of the Light, White Cloaks and now traveling with an Aiel!! 

He asks if he may keep my knife for a while, I tell him he may keep it, that I shall buy another. He then heads out of camp, then returns in very short time with a brace of coney’s! He is very impressed with the knife and reflects upon the moment and thanks me for it and tells me he is indebted to me and that he has Toh to me.

A bit later he then asks, “What will you do now Pierce Alvere?” I tell him I am going to Tanchico where will likely part company. He agrees and that we would watch each other’s back until then.

I ask how he ended up alone and he tells me he indeed had others with him but they were killed, four against twenty (Aiel were the four) so they killed sixteen White Cloaks!

He was and still is heading for Tanchico to find He who comes with the Dawn. 
We head out after breakfast with Brock leading, scouting ahead. In this way we finally make it to the city about six days later.

Two miles out or so Brock tells me it has been an honor and that we must part. He reminds me that he has a water debt to me and that he only need send word to his people and he will come.

Tanchico: Capital of Tarabon, Walled town at the base of cliffs (people are called the Taraboners or the Tree of Man and the Flag shows a tree on White and Red Vertical stripes)
Government: Diarchy (Two People as Head of State) 
Ruled by The Panarch (Amathera) (With crown of tree leaves) and the King (King Andric) (Female and Male). The Panarch controls the courts and part of the army. Assembly of Lords elects the Panarch. King is hereditary. 
Trade: Customs men marked with Brass Keys around their necks. 
Key Exports: Olive Oil and Fringed Rugs
Geography: The Tanchico Bay off the Aryth Ocean boasts three peninsulas with three great ‘Circles’ or gathering places. The Verana  Peninsula holds the ancient Panarch’s Palace.
People: Golden haired, brown eyes with a unique linguistic characteristic. Men where baggy white trousers, coat and loose fitting shirts.

I approach the city from on its eastern side.



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