The Dragon's Fang

September 22nd

September 22nd

Eye of Glamour (Store of fine goods.

Looking for good scabbard for Ball tonight

Inside the shop sits a man looking like a Gleeman (Jason Natael) lute in lap. Half heartedly plucking. Reclined, leg over armrest.

“Somebody’s here.” He says

Then a woman in red (Isendre) with a red veil comes to the counter.

She shows me around. Another tough looking fellow (Hadnan Kadere) pops out, looking me up and down then goes back. 

I find nice scabbard for 2 silver marks, then a second heavy set woman (Kellie) pops out and tells me just 1 silver mark would be fine.

The Gleeman asks where I am from, I change the subject.  Natael again presses for where I am from. Then I resume with the ladies but then Kadere pulls Isendre (not Natael) is called away from me. Kellie takes over. The Gleeman pushes for where I am from a second time, I say North then Keillor pulls me towards some cloaked and secretly tells me there’s a paper in my scabbard. I thank her, pay and try to leave. Kadere tells me it’s TWO silver. I drop a second leave nodding to the Gleeman. I a wait outside right of the door for 5 min.

I then sense a strong male Channeling presence within the shop!! It was quick like a fast Weave.

NOTE: Logain the False Dragon was a channeler. Captured and gentled as the rumors go.

Notice two people watching, one is a pot seller. I circle around and visit him. I pressure him lightly in his interest in me. He is watching Kadere’s place for Lord Torum. Be carful when you enter there. Many unsavory sorts visit there. Tells me Kadere is a peddler as well who travels East for things on occasion.

Employed by spymaster of Torum. 

I ask about the Spymaster’s identity: Belvedere (Gives description)

“In Cairhien there is always more than meets the eye.”

Pot Merchant suspects it is the Thieves Guild that is Kadere’s shop.

Note in Scabbard!

Pierce, Make sure that you find a way to get into Lord Torahm's ball tonight. S




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