The Dragon's Fang

October 6th

October 6th

12:30pm (Ball at 7pm)

Note: Donell back at Moseneillion

I am just leaving the Pots and Pans shop


Back to House, change to regular clothes


Head back to the Bunches of Grapes Inn

Donell names the three options:Path of Robbery, Arson and Murder

Donell says after the few days we’ve waited the least strong of the paths is the path of Robbery


Follow Path of Robbery, leads to Eye of Glamour

Head back


Path of Arson leads to House Damodred



Path of Murder, leads to the Sun Palace


Get ball clothes for Donell to pose as my manservant


Back House Moseneillion

Talk to Lady, tell her I am committed to her

Donell hides sword on person

Leave, Donell drives coach with me and Daigian inside, no encounters on way


Sun Palace

Ballroom – Music, dancing

See all folks from Eye of Glamour 

Torum goes about the room like a Panther

Approaches Diagon with niceties hopping for good relations between the houses

We then have words. He shakes my hand and images are projected into my mind

I see Torum slumped to the floor in a small bare room, like an Inn room

Looks disheveled with a sword in his hand and he has been stabbed, the sword with blood is held but the holder is out of view

Make INT roll to remember something, miss

The Jason starts singing “Two Kings come a hunting”

Then I have second vision: Torum is here, tall full of grander with all the nobles laying on their bellies in supplication to Torum. 

Strings come from Torum like a marionette, and above him are the giant hands of Padan Faine, laughing crazily 

Then hear a dark ominous voice, “I win again!”

Then he thanks me for my involvement in protecting the Codian Kall

Lady goes about the ball for intrigue 

I stay put looking approachable

Then Issandra takes the stage and starts singing beautifully

Approached by a Chireanan nobleman, tough looking but eliminate hair style

Calls himself Tomonus, puts hand forward, shake normal

Asks about battle in Tremonsian, asks about validity of Dark Fiends and Trollocs

Has heard tell of a Fade and Trollocs here in the city

I mention the murders here and he looks un emotional

“They weren’t particularly nice men. I owed Galdrian my loyalty. If a domestic agent did this, it is treason.”



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