The Dragon's Fang

Trouble comes to the Village

Jed and myself hidden off path on hilltop

Three Illuminators and a Mydrill​​​​​​ on hill
Six Trollocks in poor armor and cruel weapons coming up hill with kettle holding victim (unsure of state)
Listening and watching as they come up hill, hear speech, not common.
Note that body twitches with life.
Myrdrall talks with illuminators with Map in hand as Trollocks reach them. The kettle is placed aside.
Trollocks put fire out per the Myrdrall
Jed and I talk, decide to head back to town at all speed once off the hill

10PM or so, reach town.
Enter inn sweaty and move to Tom the Gleeman at table.
We begin telling him what we saw. He tested us on the look of the Trollocks.
He says we will need help. Says the council and others would not believe us at first so he narrowed it down to ‘Mistress’ Morraine who would likely be the best ally.
We three head up to her simple room that smells like Tea. Lan and Lady Morrain sitting.
The Lady appears pensive. Asks how she can help Tom.
After only a bit of our story, Morrain gives Lan a nod and he heads out.
We are interrupted shortly after with shouts of “Trollocs!” and the sounds of fires and combat!
We all head outside, it is mayhem with Trollocs and villagers fighting, running and persuing.
Jed and I climb to the Inn roof. We are able to see the chaos clearly.
Morrain throws magic fire and sees with a wonderous globe of light before her.
Lan is seen in epic battle against the Fade.
From behind chimney I shoot a Trolloc who is putting a torch to a building.
I hit but he shrugs it off.



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