The Dragon's Fang

The Farmer's Wife

January 6th, 2018   

Nine Rings Inn

Thoughts on my walk
Fighting Lan event – First I was frightened, then I shut everything down, Emotions, Fear, Like I was shielded, I was focused and unemotional, able to push it all aside and think clearly  – It was THEN that I was able to touch the Source…

  • HOW, how was I able to shut it down. Well… I was given pointers during my bow hunting, Tam Althor was one of the best bowmen in the world. He taught me about the void- the Flame in the Void. One imagines in their mind a fire. You take all fear and doubts and throw them in a fire and you SHOOT the bow. My MIND is my weapon. The sword is an extension but my Mind dictates, directs. The weapon is a part but not THE part.
  • I sense now that there is a secret there. I need to uncover this and learn. Practice, learning. Work towards this as I touch the Source over time. It should become more regular, even coming without thinking.
  • How did I get away from Mogidian?

Current: Jorwyn walked away after I pushed to hard for info. People watching the statue are part of house Damodred (Morain’s house) but, I know she is not in the favor of this house, by choice.

Time: at twilight. Continue to the Inn. Sparsely inhabited. Inn keep: Maglin Magwin. Chat with her.

Next morning at breakfast. The door bursts open, a disheveled man (Jelvin) comes in shouting, “It’s Lamira” then goes to the ground in a resting position, looks roughed up, “She’s been taken!” I help him to the chair. Lamari is his wife, he mentions Trolocs. “They’ve taken my wife!”

I ask where this happened, he tells me two hours to the north. Find Donnel, we both head to the Jail to get more help.

Jorwin, Tofer and Pete. They take Donnel into custody for perhaps ‘stealing’ the gun artifact.

Talk with Jelvin on way to find out what happened. While fishing and his wife was picking berries he came back to her being taken by Trollocs.

Come upon scene of trouble (MAP)



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