The Dragon's Fang

Fire comes home

Aftermath and Foreboding

Tired, town in shambles, folks picking themselves up
Just finished with Moraine, 
Summary: find the Blacksmith’s Puzzle, Lady is being called elsewhere, someone MUST deal with the artifact 
Bring to her at the White Tower in Tar Valon if she is not there get an audience with the Amyrlin (Seat) give to no one else, period.
“The shadow has fallen across the pattern, the wheel weaves as he wheel wills.”
The wheel represents the seamstress’s wheel, repeating itself, lives are as threads being woven into a larger tapestry. Will it be beautiful or ugly? All metaphors for the passing of life and the ages.
Moraine to us“Keep your trust’s small. Keep a care who you trust. There are Dark Friends in high courts.”
It is now clear the three Illuminators on the hill were most assuredly Dark Friends.
One man in a thousand could fight a Myrdraal and prevail, Lan did.
Note: Warders don’t sleep
Jed and I leave the room, past the guarding Warder, and downstairs.
Mistress Luhhan (the blacksmiths’s wife) scours the streets with a pan, insuring all the Trollocs are dead.
Cenn Buie, (The Thatcher, crotchety old man, always complaining, ready to believe the worst) calls to us.
Tells us Bran was looking for us. Back at the inn Nynaeve is healing folks with herbs, Egween Al’Vere (my cousin) is helping. “Pierce I’m so sorry, Bran is over there”
Talk to Bran alone. He tells me my family home was attacked during the raid and no one made it (Mother, Father and younger sister) building burnt, no one witnessed anyone escaping.
Say I am going for a walk, I head home. There I find four dead Trollocs, no human bodies but they likely would have been removed. The house is only a wall and porch. Destroyed utterly. 
Horse barn and horse survived. Calm and prep farm horse for travel including basic provisions with saddle and saddle bags and hatchet, blanket, tarp, rope and water skin. 
God: The Creator's, avatar is the The Dragon
Note: Bella is Rand’s horses name.



As always great job taking notes, I made a few minor corrections, but nothing that changes the meanings.

Fire comes home

Thank you, please do so at your whim!!

Fire comes home

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