The Dragon's Fang

Battle at Emond’s Field

Battle at Emond’s Field

It is Clear Morrain is Morrain’sadi Aisa Dei and Lan is her sworn Warder

Lan is fight the Myrdraal single handedly a thing of whom many feint or flee at the sight of the things.

Jed and I shoot from the roof of the Inn using the river rock chimney as cover.

We take out a handful of Trollocs over the course of the battle.

After some time and much bloodshed, the tide turns and suddenly the Trollocs stopped and all shouted shrill into the night sky and fell dead every one

Lan still battled however but finally his sword removed the things head. However it fought on like a blind fool, finally falling to the ground dead.

Jed and climb down to give aid to the wounded. Bringing the worst to Nynaeve who heals with herbs and ointments.

Moraine uses the One Power to heal folks all over town.

Matt and Perrin are seen alive.

Later, near morning, Rand appears at the Inn, Tam took a poisoned wound from a Trolloc. Moraine aids but later says the poison may be too strong even though Tam is stronger than most men.

We ask Moraine what else we might do, we are to meet with her shortly and we do.

Lan, protests when we enter her chamber that resting first is imperative and Lan leaves at Moraine’s request.

Hands us parchment with drawing of a puzzle.

Moraine says she was going to Tanchico after she was done here, to find the ancient magic Talisman made of Cundilar also called Heartstone said to be unbreakable, the drawing of the ‘Blacksmith’s Puzzle” and bring it to the Amberlin or herself. White Tower for study.

She shows a statuette made of the same material, very very valuable.

Note: Aisadi are known as great manipulators, all look young, live for a very long time and wield the One Power. They have take the Three Oaths:

1) They cannot tell lies. Good at shielding things they don’t want known.

2) They can only use the one power to defend innocents against evil and creatures of shadow.

3) Unknown.

“Go to Tanchico, find the puzzle, bring it to the White Tower and only give it to myself or the Amerlyn Seat [of power].”

Note: This is huge, folks just don’t leave the areas they were born.



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