The Dragon's Fang

October 27th

October 27th

Torum (Head of house) introduces Caraline Damodred a beautiful woman in the likeness of what could be Lady Moraine’s sister and is indeed her cousin and rival for the throne.

Caraline has been missing since the night of the murders! And is the woman Lan sent me here to check up on.

Kelton Damadred moves to her quickly and they talk for awhile.

Then she returns to Torum’s table.

Talmones (Tal-MON-us) Delovinde is with me at the table.

After a bit, Caroline ends up at our table and Talmones introduces. 

Small talk but she is quick to ask about the number of trollops I fought outside of Temonsian.

Talk awhile and make plan to meet tomorrow in more private quarters.

I instinctively know I can trust Caraline.

Later Torum announces we need something lighter this eve, we are all so serious. Another fellow enters holding a fine pair of hunting boots and provers the a game. There will be multiple heats, each eliminating players until there are only two.

Heats bring me finally to Torum, I win!

Then to the finale with the other fellow also called Captain by the Prophet no introduced as Nomar Hurtz.

October 6th

October 6th

12:30pm (Ball at 7pm)

Note: Donell back at Moseneillion

I am just leaving the Pots and Pans shop


Back to House, change to regular clothes


Head back to the Bunches of Grapes Inn

Donell names the three options:Path of Robbery, Arson and Murder

Donell says after the few days we’ve waited the least strong of the paths is the path of Robbery


Follow Path of Robbery, leads to Eye of Glamour

Head back


Path of Arson leads to House Damodred



Path of Murder, leads to the Sun Palace


Get ball clothes for Donell to pose as my manservant


Back House Moseneillion

Talk to Lady, tell her I am committed to her

Donell hides sword on person

Leave, Donell drives coach with me and Daigian inside, no encounters on way


Sun Palace

Ballroom – Music, dancing

See all folks from Eye of Glamour 

Torum goes about the room like a Panther

Approaches Diagon with niceties hopping for good relations between the houses

We then have words. He shakes my hand and images are projected into my mind

I see Torum slumped to the floor in a small bare room, like an Inn room

Looks disheveled with a sword in his hand and he has been stabbed, the sword with blood is held but the holder is out of view

Make INT roll to remember something, miss

The Jason starts singing “Two Kings come a hunting”

Then I have second vision: Torum is here, tall full of grander with all the nobles laying on their bellies in supplication to Torum. 

Strings come from Torum like a marionette, and above him are the giant hands of Padan Faine, laughing crazily 

Then hear a dark ominous voice, “I win again!”

Then he thanks me for my involvement in protecting the Codian Kall

Lady goes about the ball for intrigue 

I stay put looking approachable

Then Issandra takes the stage and starts singing beautifully

Approached by a Chireanan nobleman, tough looking but eliminate hair style

Calls himself Tomonus, puts hand forward, shake normal

Asks about battle in Tremonsian, asks about validity of Dark Fiends and Trollocs

Has heard tell of a Fade and Trollocs here in the city

I mention the murders here and he looks un emotional

“They weren’t particularly nice men. I owed Galdrian my loyalty. If a domestic agent did this, it is treason.”

September 22nd

September 22nd

Eye of Glamour (Store of fine goods.

Looking for good scabbard for Ball tonight

Inside the shop sits a man looking like a Gleeman (Jason Natael) lute in lap. Half heartedly plucking. Reclined, leg over armrest.

“Somebody’s here.” He says

Then a woman in red (Isendre) with a red veil comes to the counter.

She shows me around. Another tough looking fellow (Hadnan Kadere) pops out, looking me up and down then goes back. 

I find nice scabbard for 2 silver marks, then a second heavy set woman (Kellie) pops out and tells me just 1 silver mark would be fine.

The Gleeman asks where I am from, I change the subject.  Natael again presses for where I am from. Then I resume with the ladies but then Kadere pulls Isendre (not Natael) is called away from me. Kellie takes over. The Gleeman pushes for where I am from a second time, I say North then Keillor pulls me towards some cloaked and secretly tells me there’s a paper in my scabbard. I thank her, pay and try to leave. Kadere tells me it’s TWO silver. I drop a second leave nodding to the Gleeman. I a wait outside right of the door for 5 min.

I then sense a strong male Channeling presence within the shop!! It was quick like a fast Weave.

NOTE: Logain the False Dragon was a channeler. Captured and gentled as the rumors go.

Notice two people watching, one is a pot seller. I circle around and visit him. I pressure him lightly in his interest in me. He is watching Kadere’s place for Lord Torum. Be carful when you enter there. Many unsavory sorts visit there. Tells me Kadere is a peddler as well who travels East for things on occasion.

Employed by spymaster of Torum. 

I ask about the Spymaster’s identity: Belvedere (Gives description)

“In Cairhien there is always more than meets the eye.”

Pot Merchant suspects it is the Thieves Guild that is Kadere’s shop.

Note in Scabbard!

Pierce, Make sure that you find a way to get into Lord Torahm's ball tonight. S


September 1st

Grey men

Dark friends that have given their souls to the Dark One in exchange for power.

Also called the souls.

Serve the Dark one.


Perhaps a compliment.

“That explains it, do you remember what I told you about Rand AlThor and the many events that occurred while he was here seemingly by coincidence.”

She Continues, “It went away when he left, so I believe he is T’Veren. But lately, with your return it has picked up again.”

Servant girl enters with a note from Selene. I pocket it and continue our conversation.

Some believe T’Veren are heroes reborn. Respun back into the wheel.

And these previous lives had momentous moments. Thus if you die a hero you are spun back into the Pattern. But some believe all are spun back in.



August 18th
After the Emissary

Meet back up at the Ragged Flaggon to talk with Donnel.

The fellow that Donnel followed the person following us, ended up going into the Damodred House. 

Recall talk with Kelton Damodred. Of importance, the murder of Lord Barthanis and disappearance of Caroline and t he theft of the jewels, not simultaneous and the murder and missing Caroline not the same night.

Proffer that we go back the the Bunches of Grapes and take up the trails Donnel had sensed yesterday.

Then the Emissary walks in, sees me and comes over. I offer a seat and offer him a drink. Then ask him what it mean to him when he called me a Captain of Light. He sees a glowing about me but not as great as the Lord Dragon.  He believes Rand (without saying or knowing his name) is the Dragon.

I then hear a great weill of pain and and the Emissary is on the ground in a dagger in his chest! I run over and take it out, healing makes no sense as he is dead as dead. Same as what happened to Maglyn. There are some here that witnessed Maglyn's death.

Talking in an alley with Donell on our way to the Bushels of Grapes, Frederik the Warder shows up and we discuss the event. He says these assassins are called The Soulless. They appear so ordinary as to be invisible. Also called Grey Men. Those who have claimed to have seen them are those who have killed them or seen them killed. He offers to lead us back to House Mosenellian. 

Then he says, "Pierce, these aren't Shadow Spawn so I won't sense them before they are here." 

Donell and decide to forego our journey to the Bunches of Grapes and be lead back to house M. to speak with Daigian [Die-gee-on]. And so we do. I relay the circumstances as they happened as they went down. 


July 28

Recently left Lord Kelton's

Donnel trailing spook

Back to talk to Diagion Sedai 
Showing the H letter 


July 14

Recap of goals

Discs – Ying/Yang symbol (unknown meaning in this world)
Maglyn murdered in plain sight but no murderer seen
Received multiple invites
Responded to first note and went to house M

When gathering my men at the Ragged Flaggon, I am handed the threatening letter from H.

Back at house M, we settle in. Read Letter, tall Donnel I am heading to House Dammodred. He will tail me.

4PM Start
On way see a group of guards wearing House Rhietin colors. Look a bit gang looking.
Hide off street to watch and listen. Hear, "Hey didn't I see you talking to Damodred's people?"
Holding to Siadin, I notice someone I know now is following me. I see him now across the way trying to blend in. He looks tough and is strong and combat ready. 
We both now watch this encounter between . They clash and I move between them with hands in the hold position. I beseech them to go their own ways and not fight. And they do.
NOTE: I don't know it yet but I am Taveerin. Like Rand Al'Thore. I don't know what this means.
Dinner with Donel who will now follow our tail while I go to House Damodred.

I am let easily in by the guards. Nice Victorian house and grounds. Taken to waiting room. Offered many beverages, I take Wine. "Lord Kelton will attend you soon, please relax here while you wait."

Expensive without being gaudy. Twenty minutes later, a graying man enters. Not tall, has vigor in his steps (70 yrs old?) Has sword, with straight back. I make an opening volley telling him that staying at House M is.

Remarks it was noteworthy Rand was here then left the morning after the murder. Had talks with Lord Barthanis. "We are at peace for now, you and I, Peirce."
Murder and theft and Caroline's disappearance are not related.

Tel'aran'rhiod and House Mosenellian

In a waking dream called Tel'aran'rhiod

Visit my Trolloc ruined homestead and then visit the graves of my parents and sister. My clothes deepen to black.

I imagine then appear at N'naive's then at times I glimpse folks I know then they disappear. Some even start to say hi then disappear.

I imagine next the Wine Spring Inn and visit within. Same.

Then a raven is spied out the window, (I recall that Morain had asked us once to kill every raven we see and she would pay for each)

I try to wake up without success then I imagine myself back at my bed where I was sleeping. I see myself sleeping. I then imagine myself at the Bunch of Grapes inn. Same appearing disappearing phenomenon. One or more talk a moment to me then disappear.

Then I 'move' to the Sun Palace. A huge palace with towers and to note other towers about the city are being worked on as the city has seen better days but still attracting business. 

I note a woman who does not disappear. She is dressed as an Aiel with spear. She looks intently at something  that I can't see then 

Ameese, wise one of the nine valley Sept of the Tar'dad'Aiel. Do not come here by your own means. You may go to the wastes (east across the mountains) ask for me by name. Why were you in the Tree Killing City? You are a deer mouse being stalked by a panther. Did you know you were within 50 yards of a soulless. Never go back to the world of dreams without my permissions especially the Sun Palace. I am seeking he who comes with the Dawn. Sleep well and wake.

I wake in my bed at the Ragged Flaggon late like noon or later! I slept at least twelve. At the foot of my bed is a folder paper bird likened to that of a Raven. It is a note in Selen's writing. Please remember that I am never far and that I will help you how I can but I will decide when that is.

Dress and head downstairs. I am not rested. Donnell didn't sleep well either, still down about Maglyn. Talk about stuff. Then Joe the innkeeper hands me a paper raven. 

Raven: Picture of the Disc: White flame interconnected with a black teardrop forming a circle (allot like the Ying and Yang, no dots)


  • Blacksmiths Puzzle in Tarabon
  • The Great Hunt for the Horn of Valeer
  • Morain's Cousin, Caroline (someone is trying to extort Morain's family for her location)
  • Tom Marlyn at the gate on the Run: Theft and murder at the site which he stayed
  • Rand Al'Thor, Matt and Parren were all here
  • People that took Muskar like same as too the Disc
  • Invitations of houses and Minor Houses
  • Outside the Sun Palace, something deadly waits called the Soulless. 
  • In dream walk, N'Nieve was not there and hadn't been for some time
  • Told by Ameese not to re-enter the Dreamworld without her, called her homeland the Threefold Land (The wastes)

NOTE: that I run into the right people at the right time.

Head to House Mosenelillian in repoonse to the invite: Daigian (DAG-ee-yawn) Sedai of the White Ajah, High Seat of House Moseneillian. Skeptical guard turns friendly after I produce the invite. Enter, taken by maid upstairs and asked to wait for the Lady.

Well made room, fairly plan and lightly furnished. A painting of a short woman and poodle. A different servant enters with a pot of tea, pouring.  I thank her and she tells me it is sage tea and adds honey at my approval. It really does taste the best I've ever had of the same name.

A short woman possibly middle-aged in white with like colored shawl enters after a polite knock. Giving a scan curtsey. We exchange pleasantries and she asks me to sit. Forgetting to bow I bow then sit. 

I note her face is a mask of serenity. I offer her tea and then honey and she accepts both. 
NOTE: Aisa Dei enjoy the status of queen among other nobles.
Call me Dag nee yan, we can forget other formalities in the house.
The king is dead, Lord Barthanis dying the same night! This was not coincidence. There must be a link between them. No White sister would believe otherwise. 

We are at the brink of Civil War. Torem Rhietin (A Blade Master: Expert Swordsman) an emotional impatient man has the best the claim to the throne, Caroline Damodred has the next best claim but she has not been seen in a long time. In her stead is Kelton in her absence. 

I then notice a man in the room clearly with a cloak like Lan's (the Warder) who moves like Lan from the doorway then further in. I clearly note his entrance.

I ask how long Caroline has been missing, a few days of the assassinations, the same time Rand came and went. When I mention this she says appraisingly that I have a logical mind – a betrayal of her usual poker face.

It is imperative to find out who killed Lord Berthanis and XXX. They were killed within 24 hours of each other. There were rumors of Trollocs within city. "I sense the Shadowspawn within the city and by the time my Warder and I looked for them, they were not to be found. There was a rumor of a troupe of actors playing Trollocs but none saw them leave. Possibly a Fade is or was in the city." I tell her I believe her. She asks if I've seen Trollocs, I tell her I have, in Tremoncian.

I am told that I am welcome at her house as are my men and steeds and and wagons. We are to stay in another wing. My 2nd story room is clearly for visitors of a lordly station. and My men the first floor near the servants quarter. The warder leaves and brings back a serving woman. Before leaving he addressed me by my first name (not lord) hands me a lite weight pouch saying as soldier to soldier tone, "A gift from me to you." I received his manner as I might Lan's, genuine.

Opening the pouch I find Toby from Two-Rivers.

Move Donnel and men to House Mosenelilian.

<meta />

Alone with my thoughts

Inn room, hear commotion in common room. Dash out to the stairs. See a crowd of people around Donnel. Maglyn on floor, dagger in chest- dead. Donnel looking stunned. Looks at me with bewilderment.  

I race to the open door looking out as I ask who did this and who saw where they went. 

Later, in sleep, at WineSPring in, in view of the Spring Pole. The buildings are being restored after the Trolloc raid. My parents, now my farm I see in the distance.  As I walk I hear then see behind me Cen Boui. "Hadn't you be taking care of the farm of yours?" He then is gone.

Down the road, a woman all in white appears walking to me. It is Selene. "I had a feeling you would be here. The way Lew Theron has gone about this place. I really don't see what you two see in it. It's so simple." 

"That's why we like it. Have you ever been to a more serene place?" I say.

"We are not here to talk about this place. Welcome to Telron Barrod. The dreaming place."

When the great play their games.

Unsolvable? Maybe not. She was a victim of the Politic of Shadow. If you look for the same murderer as murdered at the Bunch of Grapes Inn, you mind find they are the same.

Are we really talking?

Yes, as real as the waking world. You have a fine body.

I look down and note I am only in a towel and then in a blink of an eye I am dressed in a nobels clothes, then in another instant, I am wearing a monks habit of sorts, a thinking man's garb.

Pierce remember, while this place is not real, you are as are your thoughts which you control. 

I note here dress is sheer white but also clings and changes colors. Sensual, lovely.

I ask, why me, why hre in the dream. 

We have a mutual friend, Rand Al'Thore. All that you have done has helped him. You are friends of Lews Theron. 

He is a light blinded fool but he is a good man.

Do not give the Disc to an AisaDia those little trained girls.

Investigate the Sun Palace. You might find something you are looking for but not the Seal (Disc).

She disappears then I think of my Farm and I appear there.


Note, whenever encountering Shadowspawn, I get a warning feeling. 3000, Radius.
Innkeep gave two letters then told me a woman saying she was a friend is waiting in my room.
It's Maglyn the Tremoncian Barkeep. She says, "Believe be when I say I didn't know!"
She begins to describe a disc (an heirloom) 4" in across with side by side tear drops with circles on the heavy side. Black and White. Made of an unknown substance said to be unbreakabel. NOTE: The White side stands for the Flame of Tarvalon and is the symbol Aisadai. 
If the black side is painted on a door then someone is labeling the occupants as a Dark Friend. Also called the Dragon's Fang.

Tells that it was stolen and she noticed is was probably taken at the same time as the Muskars.

Gildon, False Dragon has been captured by the Aisdei named Lagaine. Paden Fane mentioned the False Dragon. Have been previous claimants but had no proof of power. This latest fellow has shown proof of power. Was able to raise an army

Battle in Tremonican between Children of the Light and Trollocs

Battle far to the north in which an army of Trollocs were struck down by the Creator himself.

After gentleing men do live long for reason related to the loss of touching Saidine. 

Asadei Three Oaths- Cannot tell a lie, Cannot make a weapon meant to kill others, Can only kill in defense of self an innocent.

The Game of Houses (Dais Daemar) – Akin to the Game of Thrones – Played hardest in Cairhien. Everyone watches everyone. In other words the slightest actions are assumed to be as they look.

Illuminator's Chapter house saw an explosion during assassination.



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