The Dragon's Fang

From the King's Men

Left Trollloc camp for Tremoncian. A third of Fane's forces are now looking for Pierce.

In Tremoncian (3pm), talk to Dollan about Rand's visit to town a few days ago. He overheard him speaking with Maglin the inkeep. Talk to old Wittler, he mentions dark folk came asking about Rand. The Wittler told him he had the wrong man, he's probably looking for Pierce! I ask he not talk to others about me in the future, he agrees.

In the Inn, merchant and I get me into my new Coat and clothes.

Talk with Magliin about Rand's presence here and tell her what happened and our plans. She says the King's men of Choeden Kal are obligated to clear the woods anytime there is word of Trollocs.

Head to the Chodean Kal to speak with King's men. Find at the forefront one who is adorned with tokens of station. We begin to tell of the Trollocs and the Myrdraal. He has never seen nor believes in Trollocs and believes Pierce is a member of house that is un-trusted. After a bit more back and forth, Bar, the commander says he is willing to talk with witnesses at the Inn.

The Hunt for the Three

The merchants wife takes my measurements for new clothes "befitting my countenance"

I tell Donnel that we should start and we leave on foot.

Hours later Donnel says the scent is getting stronger. Keep on. 

Finally come upon large camp of 23 Trollocs, 3 Myrdraal, the three men and 6 other folk of different social levels all look worse for ware.

Padan Fain yelling that he didn't want these! (has both Muskar) Tries to 'shoot' them, nothing, throws them to the ground, "I wanted Althor"

A Myrdaal attacks but Fain, with cat like reflexes turns and strikes the sword wrist. The thing screams in wild pain! Puts the Myrdaal in a lock and says, "Fail me and will tickle you with this!"

Throws him to the ground then pins both its hands to the ground with his daggers then does the same to his feet!

THe other Myrdraals recoil in fear. Captives whimper in fear as well.  Then finally plunges a dagger into the things chest, removes its heart, holds it high, stabs the heart, gut the thing still wriggles! 

Fain to another Myrdraal, "Where is Althor, you said you had him." 

Myrdraal "We thought we had him."

Fain, "Thought?! WHo did you have?!"

"Al'vere, Peirce Al'vere"

Pierce to himself, "Me? Why me?!"

Fain, "Where is Rand Althor?"

Myrdraal, "Chirain"

Fain to Myrdraals, "You are coming with me, and you are to find Peirce and kill him"

Return to Donnel, we talk, he heads back to Tremoncian to attempt getting help from the Arm Guards while I wait and watch.

All leave but for 6 Trollocs and a Myrdraal

Back to Tremonsian

Returning to Tremonsian, Donnel is on road, reports Jorwyn, Pete and Tofer are missing and town folks let him out of Jail.

In tow: Merchant Sam, his wife, Jelvin and wife Lamira.

Donnel and I head 15 min ahead of others into town. Town is fine.  Check jail, the Trio is mising. Head to Inn.

Choedan Kal (KO-dee-an Cal) Arm and sphere in Tremonsian.
The CK watchers serve the King of Cairhien Galldrian Riatin.

In the AM Tofur took Muskar by force from Maglyn's room at the Inn and fled in an undetermined direction. Maglyn to make up five days rations for Donnel and I.

Leave in, learn that Donnel has an uncanny ability to hunt doers of violence. The greater the violence the easier to find.

The Hunt

2 hours of travel north.

Wagon on its side with spilled goods, dead horse by arrows, tent, boxes fire pit.

Hear sounds of movement in the trees to the south east.

Move off road to copse of trees.

Begin move south to the back of the tent.

Three Trollocs emerge from trees.

Then a Myrdraal appears behind the wagon

Move across north of tent to north of fire pit, trying to touch saidin, fail

Look in direction of Myrdraal, I manage to avoid his eyeless face, we are both holding our blades. His is forged in Shaol Ghuaol.

The Farmer's Wife

January 6th, 2018   

Nine Rings Inn

Thoughts on my walk
Fighting Lan event – First I was frightened, then I shut everything down, Emotions, Fear, Like I was shielded, I was focused and unemotional, able to push it all aside and think clearly  – It was THEN that I was able to touch the Source…

  • HOW, how was I able to shut it down. Well… I was given pointers during my bow hunting, Tam Althor was one of the best bowmen in the world. He taught me about the void- the Flame in the Void. One imagines in their mind a fire. You take all fear and doubts and throw them in a fire and you SHOOT the bow. My MIND is my weapon. The sword is an extension but my Mind dictates, directs. The weapon is a part but not THE part.
  • I sense now that there is a secret there. I need to uncover this and learn. Practice, learning. Work towards this as I touch the Source over time. It should become more regular, even coming without thinking.
  • How did I get away from Mogidian?

Current: Jorwyn walked away after I pushed to hard for info. People watching the statue are part of house Damodred (Morain’s house) but, I know she is not in the favor of this house, by choice.

Time: at twilight. Continue to the Inn. Sparsely inhabited. Inn keep: Maglin Magwin. Chat with her.

Next morning at breakfast. The door bursts open, a disheveled man (Jelvin) comes in shouting, “It’s Lamira” then goes to the ground in a resting position, looks roughed up, “She’s been taken!” I help him to the chair. Lamari is his wife, he mentions Trolocs. “They’ve taken my wife!”

I ask where this happened, he tells me two hours to the north. Find Donnel, we both head to the Jail to get more help.

Jorwin, Tofer and Pete. They take Donnel into custody for perhaps ‘stealing’ the gun artifact.

Talk with Jelvin on way to find out what happened. While fishing and his wife was picking berries he came back to her being taken by Trollocs.

Come upon scene of trouble (MAP)

December 16th, 2017
Nine Rings Inn

Entering the Nine Rings Inn in Tremonsien with Donnel O'Malley after killing a thief who had one of two 'pistols' called Muskarr's (with no trigger). These belonged to a friend of O'Malley, the innkeeper at the inn. Maglin Mauduin whos husband recently (a year ago) was killed by bandits.

Keeping in mind I have things to do in Caihrien (200 miles south of here) to assist Morain. Find Ezmarelda. Met by Tofar who is suspicious of strangers (me) and asks about the 'thing on Donnel's belt'. He then heads towards the jail. Had Andoran lords here 2 days ago on their way to Caihrien . A lord and lady, tall in white dress with dark hair and heart melting eyes. The young lord, tall with fine red with gold trimmed. Had an Ogier (Large humanoid, hairy like a lycanthope, gentle, helped build Tar Valen and other great cities) with them, with abook always with him. Also in tow, a Sheinarin thief-catcher. Tavelin, the man that was excavating the statue in town was taken as a guide.

The inn is friendly and reminds me of my own back home. Little woman exclaims to Donnal her excitement about the Muskar on his side then collects herself. Then asks to talk privately. 

I picked up the scent and found a ruffian. I knew he'd done wrong. I found him and thought I had the drop on him when he woke in the camp, got in a scuffle then he hit me just right and my sword started to vibrate along with my arm. My sword fell into the fire and would have been finished but the ruffian was a bit of a coward and ran! Then Pierce, sometime down the trail ran into him and didn't fall for his story. 

The innkeeper is happy but feels guilt for loosing it. She says she has no idea how he knew where to look in her room. She admits they could have been gone longer that they had gone, as long as a month. 

In the common room Donnel asks if I am up for helping and I affirm I will help as I may.

Later, I make my way to the arm. The guard mentions the followers of Damodrid like Tofar are not to be trusted. Elricain is the garrison commander of the unearthing of the arm. Dissuaded by guard who did not trust the name Tofar, a follower of… 

See Tofer looking out jailhouse at me on way into town. Decide to walk into General Store across the street. Middle aged man, two story building. Calls the arm the Codian. Koe-dee-ann.  Mentions Gauldrian who is the King, defender of the Dragon Wall and the topless towers. 

Head to jail. Inside are cells and a table with Tofer and Pony Tailed Caihrienen. And a well dressed Caihrienen merchant (?) sits behind a desk. Tofar says get out. But the well dressed man calls himself Jorwyn. Learn that Elrican is on the wrong side, he supports house Riatian. I sought truth with Jorwyn through some clever wording but I think I spooked him into thinking I know more than I know. I sense he is put off when he asks for a rain check on drinking a beer together. 


December 9th, 2017
Back Again

Note: Pierce is not an Aisa Dai, there has not been a male Aisa Dia for thousands of years in the Age of Ledgends. I am a male the channels. Aisa Dai is a 'class' or 'Position'. A woman is 'Stilled' when they loose the power, man or 'Gentled'. Lots of women can channel, few are Aisa Dai. The most powerful works ever performed were when male and female channelers worked together. Therories persist that the the power has been bred down to these low levels over time. 

I reflect on the time her with Lan. He is not one to suffer fools and he spent more time with me than I would have thought he would have. I think that means something. He is much like a father to me but there are others before him, Tam Althor, Harl Lewhon (the blacksmith) and of course my uncle Bran A'Vere who is for all respects my father.

Upon parting Lan tells me I have a long way to go. "You are not as good with that sword as you think you are. Don't stab yourself in the foot." He hands me a note. It reads, "He who requests aid, grant it, he does it as if to me." Then it is signed with his name as King of the Borderlands. The issue is I will likely not travel in the Borderlands but the sentiment is priceless. I say, "Your a King?!"  He says, "I am a king with a throne or subjects and in a a war I cannot win."  I will certainly talk to Lady Moraine about this next time I may.

The third age, an age yet to come. Like a wind it came across the land and Pierce felt it. 

Heading now to the land of Kie-ree-ann. Later, walking my horse as a change of pace and he is heavy laden with supplies as directed by Lan. A man jumps from the bushes asking for help. He has the look of one native to Kirean. One hand to hilt on my belt, my finger up I listen. The strangers hands go up and hear a rustling. He asks me to take and protect an heirloom. I reply and he takes my words as a threat and he heads to run. I grapple him perfectly and I then hear the approach of the source of the russtling. 

A short fellow with short hair with Lugardian accent. He tells me the thing on the ground is his. I nod to it. He recovers it. He offers to shake telling me his name is Donell O'Mally. I tell him my name. He says hes been tracking this fellow. The thief grovels. The thief tells O'Malley to kill him, he doesn't know anything. O'malley presses him for where the other one is and they get in a scuffle with O'malley killing him swiftly. 

He tells me the thing is ancient from the Age of Legends. 

After I touch the OTS I am able to discerned this is a weapon trigged by the OTS Fire and Air. O'Malley tells me the other together with this is called a Brace of Pistols. He says his employer is looking for these. Barin Madwen (owner who hired O'Malley. Wife Maglin) from Tramoncian. He tells me Tramoncian is three miles along the nearest river.  

Tramoncian is on my way so we both make for the riverside town. There is a mill, a jail, houses and an inn. A the from our elevated position we see further down at the far side of town a great stoney arm and hand holding a great clear sphere of which I sense the OTS with the nature of augmentation. (not a plot device at this time) It is said on the Isle of Tremockin there is a female twin of this.

O'malley reffers to me as an Andoran (one from Andor) and I did not know this and wouldn't since no tax collectors have been by in over a decade (salutary neglect: letting us rule and take care of ourselves) Says Barin is an old friend. So this is a favor.

Nine Rings Inn.

November 25th, Farmstead

Country of Arafel (North of Tarvalen)

Sick, having vivid dreams about war with stark details involving Trolocs! (More details forthcoming) Wake often in cold sweat. Have talked with Morain about what it means to be a male Aesedai. Lan teaches (throughout the week) martial styles and hones basic combat skills. Teaches specific fighting modes that all have names. 

Saidin (SIGH-deen) – Men's use of the One Power – Symbolically Black of the Ying/Yang
Saidar (SIGH-dar) – Women's use of the One Power - Symbolically White of the Ying/Yang

Moraine shows the below broken seal. Made of Cundillar. She says 

The Amberlin is the Keeper of the Seals. To hold the Dark One in prison, Lews Therin and 100 companions used 100 seals. The seals are weakening, his minions are loose.

I am encouraged to learn the power vs not as ignoring has been said to be more dangerous.

Later in the week during combat training after failing the moves and getting hit once to often, I exploded in all the right forms and Lan and I went tit for tat until he finally disarmed me. I told him I felt the power and that he did good for one without the power. He looked grave.

Sick again last night, mostly over by midnight. Not as bad as first time after teleporting. Lan later comes in during night, 'Get up farmboy, time for you to go."I get ready while listening for trouble.

Two other Aesedai there. Moraine asks me to see her outside. Lan is there with their horses and a horse for me, Stoney- not fast but an easy ride. 

Moraine then tells me she was attacked by Drakarr a short time ago in the garden. She reminds me that it should be impossible for her to be surprised by the Shadowspawn. "They must have been shielded by the Forsaken or a Black Sister." As a weilder of the one power she gains protection from the shadow folk and sense their presence at a distance. Also, Warders always know where 'their' Aesedai is and vice versa. 

Red Asha are devoted to finding male channelers and Gentling them. 

She tells me to continue the mission as before, bring the Blacksmith's puzzle back. Then Lan takes me aside and says he needs a favor from me and tells me to follow XXX river, SE of where I am now – it is the border between  XXX and XXX. Take the road, east to near river Agonue, head down the river to the city of Kirean of Kirean. Then head south to Tyr in Tyr. On way to Kirean (Moraine is Kireanen, shorter dark-haired people) Lan tells me Moraine's full name, Damodred, of the House Damodred. The house ruled Kirean until twenty years. Many wanted her to return since then and become the Aesedai Queen there but she has yet to return. Land says she has had more important business. More important issues.

Says someone from her town is trying to blackmail her. Family members are being killed with notes saying, "Tell me where Moraine is." Moraine will NOT give into blackmail. She does not like her sister. She will NOT compromise her duty. Her favored niece Ezmerelda is missing. Lan charges me with finding her or finding out who is behind this. "Moraine is not asking this, I am and don't tell her I have asked you this. She would not ask you to do this."

Duty is heavier than a mountain. Death lite as a feather.



November 11th 2017
A Farm 1000 miles from Tanchico

Learn that I am Male Channeller, life span like 2-12 years more.  Cannot reveal this. NO ONE will tolerate me. No school, no lord, no one, not even my closest friends could accept this.

Learn that I channeled to create this door from Tanchico to farmstead called Travelling. Not heard of happening for 1000 years.

A Door Opens


Inn, The Cat’s Meow, Afternoon

Stable lad about my age, inquisitive and doubting. Questioned strongly about my having coin to stay. He tells me to wait then returns with a name to ask for inside, Mr. Carson. Then motions to take Nutmeg. I hold the moment then introduce Nutmeg to the Stable boy.


NOTE: City not what I expected, less grand, less friendly.

Sign at Inn, Cat regarding fishbones. Head in. Two floors. Learn later, drinking and games upstairs. Dancing on special occasion. Inn doing ‘okay’ business. Inn has ten rooms.

NOTE: All Tanchicans, men and women wear masks or veils. Masks are of anything, and made from anything.


Look for employee, find what I assume to be Mr. Carson (with veil) stringy hair and Fu Manchu lip and chin hair. Short. Directing others. Seems native.


Shown to room. Fine. Pallet bed with window. Inn keep keeps key. Leave pack, bow and arrows. Lock door. Back to common room. Wench brings veil compliments of the house.


Note men angrily talking about a female prisoner at the jail, a ‘Dark Friend’. Talking about killing her before the Panarc renders judgement. One is giving a hard time about turning her over without handing her over to the C.o.t L. I turn and talk with the men (Masks: APE, boar, lion, deer) telling them I take them serious. They then tell of one of them’s sister Lucy got the evil eye from the now prisoner Eve then next day she was pregnant and later had a stillborn child. It couldn’t be Lucy would have had relations with the bad fellow, Dirk. And other stories that frame Eve in poor light. I inquire of where she is, what jail. They tell. Leave 28cp in room with pack, bow and arrows. Head to jail trying to blend with my veil on. My sword draws eyes from the poor. Avoid beggars who paw.


JAIL: one guard inside, slender, board, early twenties, solitaire at table. Three cells. One cell: woman with nice clean clothes, dark hair, mid-thirties. Guard roughly tells me to leave and have a nice day walking in the light. I resist by and readies his sword. Her boss, woman, Alva works for Merchant named Finnigan.


Head from Verranna to lower edge of Massetta Peninsula. Find ‘Finnigan’s Transport, Personal Services’ head into building, counter, warehouse looking, with carts in a side yard. Woman behind counter mentions that Ava is just a maid but fetches her anyway. When she returns, she brings with her an attractive slender woman in her late twenties, with mask or veil, nice clothes but not noble. She walks with an allure.


I ask to talk in private and she takes me upstairs to a room with a table, warmed teapot and invites me to sit. Cutting a slice of honey cake, she asks me to sit. I look to determine if she is troubled seeming in any way.

We talk, she clearly casts a spell of truth, I am eager to answer all the questions but as little detail as I wish. She learns I am seeking the puzzle but not that I work for an Aisa Dei. After a bit the spell wears off and I immediately attack. She recoils as she begins casting a spell but at door opens in space and I leap through as I know this was not her. I end up at a farmstead. I know her name was Moghedian.


Lan, Lady Morrain’s Warder is there with another man, a Warder as well. I am guided into the Farmhouse where people are reading, then into another room where Lady Moraine sat, also reading. I tell her as much of the tale that I can since leaving Two Rivers. Some things I cannot say, like Moghedian’s name. She tells me I am a channeler and that I channeled and that is how I escaped certain death. She then says times are changing, “The Shadow lays heavy across the Pattern.” And that she will not have me ‘Gentled’ as is her oath and that I must return 1000 leagues back to Tanchico and continue my mission.


She will school me as much as she may before I leave.




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