The Dragon's Fang

December 16th, 2017
Nine Rings Inn

Entering the Nine Rings Inn in Tremonsien with Donnel O'Malley after killing a thief who had one of two 'pistols' called Muskarr's (with no trigger). These belonged to a friend of O'Malley, the innkeeper at the inn. Maglin Mauduin whos husband recently (a year ago) was killed by bandits.

Keeping in mind I have things to do in Caihrien (200 miles south of here) to assist Morain. Find Ezmarelda. Met by Tofar who is suspicious of strangers (me) and asks about the 'thing on Donnel's belt'. He then heads towards the jail. Had Andoran lords here 2 days ago on their way to Caihrien . A lord and lady, tall in white dress with dark hair and heart melting eyes. The young lord, tall with fine red with gold trimmed. Had an Ogier (Large humanoid, hairy like a lycanthope, gentle, helped build Tar Valen and other great cities) with them, with abook always with him. Also in tow, a Sheinarin thief-catcher. Tavelin, the man that was excavating the statue in town was taken as a guide.

The inn is friendly and reminds me of my own back home. Little woman exclaims to Donnal her excitement about the Muskar on his side then collects herself. Then asks to talk privately. 

I picked up the scent and found a ruffian. I knew he'd done wrong. I found him and thought I had the drop on him when he woke in the camp, got in a scuffle then he hit me just right and my sword started to vibrate along with my arm. My sword fell into the fire and would have been finished but the ruffian was a bit of a coward and ran! Then Pierce, sometime down the trail ran into him and didn't fall for his story. 

The innkeeper is happy but feels guilt for loosing it. She says she has no idea how he knew where to look in her room. She admits they could have been gone longer that they had gone, as long as a month. 

In the common room Donnel asks if I am up for helping and I affirm I will help as I may.

Later, I make my way to the arm. The guard mentions the followers of Damodrid like Tofar are not to be trusted. Elricain is the garrison commander of the unearthing of the arm. Dissuaded by guard who did not trust the name Tofar, a follower of… 

See Tofer looking out jailhouse at me on way into town. Decide to walk into General Store across the street. Middle aged man, two story building. Calls the arm the Codian. Koe-dee-ann.  Mentions Gauldrian who is the King, defender of the Dragon Wall and the topless towers. 

Head to jail. Inside are cells and a table with Tofer and Pony Tailed Caihrienen. And a well dressed Caihrienen merchant (?) sits behind a desk. Tofar says get out. But the well dressed man calls himself Jorwyn. Learn that Elrican is on the wrong side, he supports house Riatian. I sought truth with Jorwyn through some clever wording but I think I spooked him into thinking I know more than I know. I sense he is put off when he asks for a rain check on drinking a beer together. 


December 9th, 2017
Back Again

Note: Pierce is not an Aisa Dai, there has not been a male Aisa Dia for thousands of years in the Age of Ledgends. I am a male the channels. Aisa Dai is a 'class' or 'Position'. A woman is 'Stilled' when they loose the power, man or 'Gentled'. Lots of women can channel, few are Aisa Dai. The most powerful works ever performed were when male and female channelers worked together. Therories persist that the the power has been bred down to these low levels over time. 

I reflect on the time her with Lan. He is not one to suffer fools and he spent more time with me than I would have thought he would have. I think that means something. He is much like a father to me but there are others before him, Tam Althor, Harl Lewhon (the blacksmith) and of course my uncle Bran A'Vere who is for all respects my father.

Upon parting Lan tells me I have a long way to go. "You are not as good with that sword as you think you are. Don't stab yourself in the foot." He hands me a note. It reads, "He who requests aid, grant it, he does it as if to me." Then it is signed with his name as King of the Borderlands. The issue is I will likely not travel in the Borderlands but the sentiment is priceless. I say, "Your a King?!"  He says, "I am a king with a throne or subjects and in a a war I cannot win."  I will certainly talk to Lady Moraine about this next time I may.

The third age, an age yet to come. Like a wind it came across the land and Pierce felt it. 

Heading now to the land of Kie-ree-ann. Later, walking my horse as a change of pace and he is heavy laden with supplies as directed by Lan. A man jumps from the bushes asking for help. He has the look of one native to Kirean. One hand to hilt on my belt, my finger up I listen. The strangers hands go up and hear a rustling. He asks me to take and protect an heirloom. I reply and he takes my words as a threat and he heads to run. I grapple him perfectly and I then hear the approach of the source of the russtling. 

A short fellow with short hair with Lugardian accent. He tells me the thing on the ground is his. I nod to it. He recovers it. He offers to shake telling me his name is Donell O'Mally. I tell him my name. He says hes been tracking this fellow. The thief grovels. The thief tells O'Malley to kill him, he doesn't know anything. O'malley presses him for where the other one is and they get in a scuffle with O'malley killing him swiftly. 

He tells me the thing is ancient from the Age of Legends. 

After I touch the OTS I am able to discerned this is a weapon trigged by the OTS Fire and Air. O'Malley tells me the other together with this is called a Brace of Pistols. He says his employer is looking for these. Barin Madwen (owner who hired O'Malley. Wife Maglin) from Tramoncian. He tells me Tramoncian is three miles along the nearest river.  

Tramoncian is on my way so we both make for the riverside town. There is a mill, a jail, houses and an inn. A the from our elevated position we see further down at the far side of town a great stoney arm and hand holding a great clear sphere of which I sense the OTS with the nature of augmentation. (not a plot device at this time) It is said on the Isle of Tremockin there is a female twin of this.

O'malley reffers to me as an Andoran (one from Andor) and I did not know this and wouldn't since no tax collectors have been by in over a decade (salutary neglect: letting us rule and take care of ourselves) Says Barin is an old friend. So this is a favor.

Nine Rings Inn.

November 25th, Farmstead

Country of Arafel (North of Tarvalen)

Sick, having vivid dreams about war with stark details involving Trolocs! (More details forthcoming) Wake often in cold sweat. Have talked with Morain about what it means to be a male Aesedai. Lan teaches (throughout the week) martial styles and hones basic combat skills. Teaches specific fighting modes that all have names. 

Saidin (SIGH-deen) – Men's use of the One Power – Symbolically Black of the Ying/Yang
Saidar (SIGH-dar) – Women's use of the One Power - Symbolically White of the Ying/Yang

Moraine shows the below broken seal. Made of Cundillar. She says 

The Amberlin is the Keeper of the Seals. To hold the Dark One in prison, Lews Therin and 100 companions used 100 seals. The seals are weakening, his minions are loose.

I am encouraged to learn the power vs not as ignoring has been said to be more dangerous.

Later in the week during combat training after failing the moves and getting hit once to often, I exploded in all the right forms and Lan and I went tit for tat until he finally disarmed me. I told him I felt the power and that he did good for one without the power. He looked grave.

Sick again last night, mostly over by midnight. Not as bad as first time after teleporting. Lan later comes in during night, 'Get up farmboy, time for you to go."I get ready while listening for trouble.

Two other Aesedai there. Moraine asks me to see her outside. Lan is there with their horses and a horse for me, Stoney- not fast but an easy ride. 

Moraine then tells me she was attacked by Drakarr a short time ago in the garden. She reminds me that it should be impossible for her to be surprised by the Shadowspawn. "They must have been shielded by the Forsaken or a Black Sister." As a weilder of the one power she gains protection from the shadow folk and sense their presence at a distance. Also, Warders always know where 'their' Aesedai is and vice versa. 

Red Asha are devoted to finding male channelers and Gentling them. 

She tells me to continue the mission as before, bring the Blacksmith's puzzle back. Then Lan takes me aside and says he needs a favor from me and tells me to follow XXX river, SE of where I am now – it is the border between  XXX and XXX. Take the road, east to near river Agonue, head down the river to the city of Kirean of Kirean. Then head south to Tyr in Tyr. On way to Kirean (Moraine is Kireanen, shorter dark-haired people) Lan tells me Moraine's full name, Damodred, of the House Damodred. The house ruled Kirean until twenty years. Many wanted her to return since then and become the Aesedai Queen there but she has yet to return. Land says she has had more important business. More important issues.

Says someone from her town is trying to blackmail her. Family members are being killed with notes saying, "Tell me where Moraine is." Moraine will NOT give into blackmail. She does not like her sister. She will NOT compromise her duty. Her favored niece Ezmerelda is missing. Lan charges me with finding her or finding out who is behind this. "Moraine is not asking this, I am and don't tell her I have asked you this. She would not ask you to do this."

Duty is heavier than a mountain. Death lite as a feather.



November 11th 2017
A Farm 1000 miles from Tanchico

Learn that I am Male Channeller, life span like 2-12 years more.  Cannot reveal this. NO ONE will tolerate me. No school, no lord, no one, not even my closest friends could accept this.

Learn that I channeled to create this door from Tanchico to farmstead called Travelling. Not heard of happening for 1000 years.

A Door Opens


Inn, The Cat’s Meow, Afternoon

Stable lad about my age, inquisitive and doubting. Questioned strongly about my having coin to stay. He tells me to wait then returns with a name to ask for inside, Mr. Carson. Then motions to take Nutmeg. I hold the moment then introduce Nutmeg to the Stable boy.


NOTE: City not what I expected, less grand, less friendly.

Sign at Inn, Cat regarding fishbones. Head in. Two floors. Learn later, drinking and games upstairs. Dancing on special occasion. Inn doing ‘okay’ business. Inn has ten rooms.

NOTE: All Tanchicans, men and women wear masks or veils. Masks are of anything, and made from anything.


Look for employee, find what I assume to be Mr. Carson (with veil) stringy hair and Fu Manchu lip and chin hair. Short. Directing others. Seems native.


Shown to room. Fine. Pallet bed with window. Inn keep keeps key. Leave pack, bow and arrows. Lock door. Back to common room. Wench brings veil compliments of the house.


Note men angrily talking about a female prisoner at the jail, a ‘Dark Friend’. Talking about killing her before the Panarc renders judgement. One is giving a hard time about turning her over without handing her over to the C.o.t L. I turn and talk with the men (Masks: APE, boar, lion, deer) telling them I take them serious. They then tell of one of them’s sister Lucy got the evil eye from the now prisoner Eve then next day she was pregnant and later had a stillborn child. It couldn’t be Lucy would have had relations with the bad fellow, Dirk. And other stories that frame Eve in poor light. I inquire of where she is, what jail. They tell. Leave 28cp in room with pack, bow and arrows. Head to jail trying to blend with my veil on. My sword draws eyes from the poor. Avoid beggars who paw.


JAIL: one guard inside, slender, board, early twenties, solitaire at table. Three cells. One cell: woman with nice clean clothes, dark hair, mid-thirties. Guard roughly tells me to leave and have a nice day walking in the light. I resist by and readies his sword. Her boss, woman, Alva works for Merchant named Finnigan.


Head from Verranna to lower edge of Massetta Peninsula. Find ‘Finnigan’s Transport, Personal Services’ head into building, counter, warehouse looking, with carts in a side yard. Woman behind counter mentions that Ava is just a maid but fetches her anyway. When she returns, she brings with her an attractive slender woman in her late twenties, with mask or veil, nice clothes but not noble. She walks with an allure.


I ask to talk in private and she takes me upstairs to a room with a table, warmed teapot and invites me to sit. Cutting a slice of honey cake, she asks me to sit. I look to determine if she is troubled seeming in any way.

We talk, she clearly casts a spell of truth, I am eager to answer all the questions but as little detail as I wish. She learns I am seeking the puzzle but not that I work for an Aisa Dei. After a bit the spell wears off and I immediately attack. She recoils as she begins casting a spell but at door opens in space and I leap through as I know this was not her. I end up at a farmstead. I know her name was Moghedian.


Lan, Lady Morrain’s Warder is there with another man, a Warder as well. I am guided into the Farmhouse where people are reading, then into another room where Lady Moraine sat, also reading. I tell her as much of the tale that I can since leaving Two Rivers. Some things I cannot say, like Moghedian’s name. She tells me I am a channeler and that I channeled and that is how I escaped certain death. She then says times are changing, “The Shadow lays heavy across the Pattern.” And that she will not have me ‘Gentled’ as is her oath and that I must return 1000 leagues back to Tanchico and continue my mission.


She will school me as much as she may before I leave.



Tanchico and the Merchant



Entering Tanchico, Eastern Entrance

Long line in, people being searched on way in.

Retreat back into woods hide picture in blanket when Bork appears and offers to protect the picture and catch up with me in the city at night.

Head back to line and learn this has been the way of things since the protests against the choice of Panarch, being that the lords did not ratify the King’s choice of Amathera as Panarch which is supposed to be chosen by the lords.

An hour later I am at the gate where they just look in my bags for anything hidden. I am not questioned. But I ask what their looking for and he has hardly a description: a puzzle. I am shocked and my inspection goes fine. I give the guard who kindly let me know what was going on, beer money.

To look for Julia Landon, works at shop here called Breeze of the Sea.

Taraboner women wear veils, Men wear conical hats and favor facial hair. Town looks poor with folks sleeping in the street, hungry and sickly even.

On the main road into town, I have many eyes on me. I return to the gate and talk to the guard and ask for advice. He directs me to the Cat’s Meow Inn. I head back in and look to blend with someone and find a merchant and his men and his cart. I move to its end and follow but am stopped by one of his club wielding guards. I tell him what I am doing and he explains to the Merchant who is amiable for Tobacco from my homeland. So he is to see me to the Inn for that and my appearance as a guard with my sword out.

The liberty of Brok

September 23rd

Head down the road from the White Cloak Camp and go off road to camp until a few hours past midnight. Leaving the horse and my heavier camp items I begin my way back to the camp.

Find two very regimented Whitecloaks patrolling. Fortunately, I find that there is a point where they both are not near the cage for a short time in their routes. I later time with this and make my way to the suspended cage. When I arrive, I slide my knife to the prisoner and knock just so that he wakes. I catch his gaze and point towards my camp in the south. I begin my quick but stealthy way our of camp.

Back at my horse he is not far behind. I lend him my ax and invite him to ride. He is not wanting to do this but he agrees. He holds tight, trembling a bit and I note he has his veil back on. 

We ride until sun up and take a break off the road. He the formally presents his greeting, Bork of the Salt Flat Sept of the Nakai of the Aiel my water is your water, my shade is your shade. I respond with my name and the offer to share my water and shade as well. I share my water and begin fire preparations to cook my rabbit.

While the fire is starting I sit and prepare the rabbit and I begin to take in everything that has happened in the last month or so.. Trollocs, Illuminators, Fades, Children of the Light, White Cloaks and now traveling with an Aiel!! 

He asks if he may keep my knife for a while, I tell him he may keep it, that I shall buy another. He then heads out of camp, then returns in very short time with a brace of coney’s! He is very impressed with the knife and reflects upon the moment and thanks me for it and tells me he is indebted to me and that he has Toh to me.

A bit later he then asks, “What will you do now Pierce Alvere?” I tell him I am going to Tanchico where will likely part company. He agrees and that we would watch each other’s back until then.

I ask how he ended up alone and he tells me he indeed had others with him but they were killed, four against twenty (Aiel were the four) so they killed sixteen White Cloaks!

He was and still is heading for Tanchico to find He who comes with the Dawn. 
We head out after breakfast with Brock leading, scouting ahead. In this way we finally make it to the city about six days later.

Two miles out or so Brock tells me it has been an honor and that we must part. He reminds me that he has a water debt to me and that he only need send word to his people and he will come.

Tanchico: Capital of Tarabon, Walled town at the base of cliffs (people are called the Taraboners or the Tree of Man and the Flag shows a tree on White and Red Vertical stripes)
Government: Diarchy (Two People as Head of State) 
Ruled by The Panarch (Amathera) (With crown of tree leaves) and the King (King Andric) (Female and Male). The Panarch controls the courts and part of the army. Assembly of Lords elects the Panarch. King is hereditary. 
Trade: Customs men marked with Brass Keys around their necks. 
Key Exports: Olive Oil and Fringed Rugs
Geography: The Tanchico Bay off the Aryth Ocean boasts three peninsulas with three great ‘Circles’ or gathering places. The Verana  Peninsula holds the ancient Panarch’s Palace.
People: Golden haired, brown eyes with a unique linguistic characteristic. Men where baggy white trousers, coat and loose fitting shirts.

I approach the city from on its eastern side.

Pierce Journal

Session September 2nd

One hour after midnight

Having sensed Trollocs, Myrdraal and something else we begin to head towards them.

Two hours later

Elias’s tells us to wait, Trollocs in a camp just over a hill and that we will attack at daylight. Jed and I sleep, the wolves reconnoiter in the mean time.

Jed tells that Padan Fane, a peddler who visitsTwo Rivers with news and goods is in the Trollocs cooking pot. He had went missing after the battle.

Jed then holds his temples, concentrates and tells me the wolves will tell us if they start cooking him.

A couple hours past dawn we are awoken by Elias who tells us the wolves will attack and then we will charge after an initial volley of arrows.

The wolves attack, there are eight wolves and eight Trollocs, the pot with Padan Fane and the Myrdraal.

I begin to run to one side of the camp with Jed on the other and Elias going in from the opposite of the wolves.

Wolves sneak up and make an initial surprise attack

The wolves and Trollocs fight througout but it is the wolves who survive with no losses

We struggle against the Drakarr Fade but in the end he goes down, we step back as its spirit lingers and lashes out.

Previous Session AUG 26

Log of Pierce Al’Vere


Camp of Trollocs recently killed mostly by Elyas Macheras. Also slain was a Fade. The man spoke evenly and and with some suspicion but not towards Jed, only me. He said Jed was coming with ‘them’.

Elyas looking for Young Bull a wolf whisperer

Red Ajah tested Elyas, his bond no longer held to the Warders, they thought he might be a false Dragon or some such, the Ajah wanted to Gentle Elyas, but Genteling does not work on non-Power wielders. He had to leave the Ajah and leaving required Elyas to kill some Warders. (Not all Warders are good)

Rumor: there exists a Black Ajah.

Ajah are a group of sisters, all sharing the same purpose/goal. The Aisa Dye are to protect the world from breaking.

Ajah are groups of Aisa Dye.

Ajah heads from Tar Valon

Yellow Ajah, are healers.

Brown Ajah study Knowledge

White Ajah mainly concerned with reasoning and logic

Blue Ajah involve themselves with politics

Red Ajah seek men who channel and gentle them which makes some sense as channeling men were responsible for the ‘Breaking of the World’

Green Ajah are the ‘Battle Ajah’ to fight for when Tarman Geiden comes. (Armageddon, the last battle of the Dark One)

During talks, Jed exclaims, “It’s Perrin!” He saw an image of Perrin as part wolf, or ‘Holy Wolf’ and is known as Young Bull (can’t explain) and also Jed says his sense of smell is higher now and he knows Perrin’s smell now.

They believe Perrin has been in this wilderness and they believe his trail heads to the north.

Then the group hears sounds and senses Trollocs (Twisted Ones) and a possible Myrdraal (Neverborn) and something or someone else (not Perrin) in the distance.

NOTE: Wolves hate and will die fighting Myrdraal


Pierce’s Journal (August 19/2017)

Just leaving Emond’s Field with Jed and one horse after great battle which ended just this morning.
Likely 2 weeks west between the forest and the mountains and 2 week southwest to Tanchico across the plains. Can expect some villages in the plains but not before the mountains.
10 am leave, find game during day. Set up camp at 6pm. Jed watches until after midnight.
•    Day 2 – Up at dawn, find game, camp.
•    Day 3 – Up at dawn, find game, camp, Jed takes watch.
•    Day 4 – Up at dawn, Jed sleeps in, find game, camp, wake to the sound of my horse stirring and other sounds in the distance (Jed asleep). Sneak to horse while fitting sword. Note group of Trollocs at 100 yards. Wake Jed quietly and move away but then hear wolves howling in the vicinity of the Trollocs. We keep retreating until we hear fighting sounds back at their camp. I sneak back without Jed and our horse to find three wolves attacking Trollocs and four more ‘keeping watch’! Then out of nowhere, a Myrdral appears and the wolves attack but the thing avoids harm. All the Trollocs are eventually killed by the wolves. I sneak away again for a short spell before I hear the sounds of steal on steal. So I sneak back since there must be other’s I did not see and likely fighting the Myrdraal as are the wolves! I see a bearded man fighting in concert with the wolves now. The wolves are absolutely frenzied. The man appears highly skilled and absolutely looks as though he can handle this Myrdraal but I feel as though I should help. As I watch, another wolf goes down. I shoot and hit the thing’s blade. The man strikes for no effect either. The Myrdraal attacks, effect. I send another arrow after the wolves snarl and bite and my arrow slips between the two in their melee. Again the wolves harry the Myrdrall but cannot get past his great robe. The Myrdraal lands a blow on the bearded stranger, he looks the worse, shaken. I send another arrow, hitting but being rebuffed by the things armor. The wolves continue against it, one bites deep. Then Jed runs past as he drops the reigns and arrows by me. I hiss at him, “You fool!” I send arrow ahead of him, hitting again but it just falls away harmlessly. One wolf bites deeply again. Jed arrives but not in time to attack. The man hits, and the Myrdraal having two wolves on his arms misses his attack. I send an arrow that sinks in and it takes notice. The wolves hanging on, pull him down and begin to pull him apart while the things sword an be seen swinging wildly from the ground for a only a few moments. I run to the scene. All the wolves turn on me and surround me. I drop my bow and establish eye contact with the man and shout, “Friend! And those are my arrows.” Pointing at the arrows in the fallen Myrdraal. Move wolves come from the surrounding area. The man tells me to also drop my sword and to come closer. I move slowly forward as the wolves part. 

Journey to the Gate

The Dragons Fang Campaign (Aug 12)

Contact in Tanchico is an herbalist named Frieda.
Heading back to Inn to get Jed and tell Bran I am leaving
At Inn, gathered are a score of villagers with pitchforks and torches and swords
Member of the Coplan family shouts at the inn, “Come out or we’ll burn you out!”
Others shout for someone to come out as well,
Bran and Blacksmith walk around the corner of the Inn
Bran, “What’s this about burning my Inn?”, Coplan walks it back but then starts to get tough
The Blacksmith poses and asks Coplan to continue
Coplan, intermediated, mentions the Morrain and thinks she likely brought these problems, she’s an Aisa Di after all. This goes on for a bit.
Morrane emerges, globe of energy in hand, I “I weep for Aemons blood” then tells of the original people here in Edmonds Field, the people of Manathrin were a noble people and a thorn to the Dark One. Faught a might battle just carrying the day after long travel. Then another battle back here at home followed, victory was hopeless. The king of Menathrin died in battle, the Queen so devastated swelled with such power she exploded in great power killing everyone for miles.
Morrain explains that their ancestors would be ashamed of current day Emmin Feilder’s.
Her story touches the crowd and they disperse.
Head in and upstairs to locate Jed. On way my Aunt Marin (Bran’s wife) cautions that I be quiet.
Talk with Jed about leaving secretly and telling no one what and where but that we just have to leave.
Send Jed to horse, I head to see Bran who does not take it well and tells me to forget this whole idea. I maintain my stance and he come around even offering advice.
Jed tells Cen Buie he’s visiting his cousin in Devin Ride.
Note: Region is Two Rivers that includes many townships.
Head to Nynave’s cottage, asleep.
NOTE: Technically Emond’s Field is in ANDOR but the Queen has never collected taxes nor offered help.
Decide we need advice on which way to head to get to Tanchico; Due west through the wilderness or by road through towns (a much greater distance) so we seek the Gleeman.
Not in room at Inn.
Outside Cen Buie is about the towns business helping still.
NOTE: Jeharrah to the south in Ghealdan (a country in it’s own civil war) also deals with a (false?) dragon named Logain. 
Return to Inn to get map from Bran. Bran says he will see to my family’s land for me.




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