The Dragon's Fang


Pierce’s Journal (August 19/2017)

Just leaving Emond’s Field with Jed and one horse after great battle which ended just this morning.
Likely 2 weeks west between the forest and the mountains and 2 week southwest to Tanchico across the plains. Can expect some villages in the plains but not before the mountains.
10 am leave, find game during day. Set up camp at 6pm. Jed watches until after midnight.
•    Day 2 – Up at dawn, find game, camp.
•    Day 3 – Up at dawn, find game, camp, Jed takes watch.
•    Day 4 – Up at dawn, Jed sleeps in, find game, camp, wake to the sound of my horse stirring and other sounds in the distance (Jed asleep). Sneak to horse while fitting sword. Note group of Trollocs at 100 yards. Wake Jed quietly and move away but then hear wolves howling in the vicinity of the Trollocs. We keep retreating until we hear fighting sounds back at their camp. I sneak back without Jed and our horse to find three wolves attacking Trollocs and four more ‘keeping watch’! Then out of nowhere, a Myrdral appears and the wolves attack but the thing avoids harm. All the Trollocs are eventually killed by the wolves. I sneak away again for a short spell before I hear the sounds of steal on steal. So I sneak back since there must be other’s I did not see and likely fighting the Myrdraal as are the wolves! I see a bearded man fighting in concert with the wolves now. The wolves are absolutely frenzied. The man appears highly skilled and absolutely looks as though he can handle this Myrdraal but I feel as though I should help. As I watch, another wolf goes down. I shoot and hit the thing’s blade. The man strikes for no effect either. The Myrdraal attacks, effect. I send another arrow after the wolves snarl and bite and my arrow slips between the two in their melee. Again the wolves harry the Myrdrall but cannot get past his great robe. The Myrdraal lands a blow on the bearded stranger, he looks the worse, shaken. I send another arrow, hitting but being rebuffed by the things armor. The wolves continue against it, one bites deep. Then Jed runs past as he drops the reigns and arrows by me. I hiss at him, “You fool!” I send arrow ahead of him, hitting again but it just falls away harmlessly. One wolf bites deeply again. Jed arrives but not in time to attack. The man hits, and the Myrdraal having two wolves on his arms misses his attack. I send an arrow that sinks in and it takes notice. The wolves hanging on, pull him down and begin to pull him apart while the things sword an be seen swinging wildly from the ground for a only a few moments. I run to the scene. All the wolves turn on me and surround me. I drop my bow and establish eye contact with the man and shout, “Friend! And those are my arrows.” Pointing at the arrows in the fallen Myrdraal. Move wolves come from the surrounding area. The man tells me to also drop my sword and to come closer. I move slowly forward as the wolves part. 


Excellent detailed notes!


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