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Of Gleeman and Fades

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Two Rivers

Unloading Cart

3 ‘Illuminators’ chat nearby

Listen: Main Illuminator, Bartie: Find the Aybarra Farm, make up an excuse why you need to go there. Mark it on this map. And you, find the Couthan house. Mentioned Luhan house. We already know where the Althorn farm is.

Me: Took Bran aside to share news of whispering

Bran: Bought fireworks to take folks minds of the harsh long winters.


Back to work

To Bartie: Found sty of house the The Couthan house, when can we get out of this dive

Bartie: You watch your mouth, we’re here on orders, we’re not leaving till the job is finished, Oler

Talk with Jed, he mentions Matt saw man in black on Couthan’s field 4 hours ago. The wind did not move his cloak

Went to their farm, spoke with dad, searched area near north road. Saw wagon with illuminators heading north. Hid, waited, they then headed off road towards flat top hill.

Noon – We head to road then south to town.

1pm looking for Nynaeve, find her walking away from Moirain and Lan, scowly

Follow for bit, waiting for a cool down.

Approach. Mention dark stranger tale from Matt. She tells us to forget it, it’s Matt being Matt.

She heads to inn. Tall guy, white hair with a many colored patched cloak (A Gleeman!). They talk. He backs as she raises stick. She storms into Winespring Inn.

Lites a pipe, “Good Morrow, Tom Merilin” starts to juggle. Will tell tonight many stories. Then back flips, and “Play soft and gentle.”

Master Gleeman takes story about dark man seriously, asks us to bring to Matt to him.

Wisdom comes out of inn still mad (likely from convo with Morain earlier) Storms off after chiding Tom.

I run to chop wood. Tom approaches. I mention Illuminators suspicious activities.

2:30pm Jed returns with Matt. We head to the Gleeman. Matt tells story. ”Hood hid face” Tom asks about weather, cold clear and windy. Doesn’t want to say.

Talk with Bran and Tam with Jed and Tom in Brans room. They take it seriously.

Commotion outside suddenly. We head out to see.

Pedlers cart, Folks gathered. A waspish looking man. Greasy Hair pale complexion – Paddon Fain.

Paddon Fain, visits annually, friendly but close with folks. Loves attention. “I will sell stuff and share news soon.” Folks excited.

Noting to self, more visitors than normal. Also, Paddon later this year than normal.

Speaks of Boarderlands, withered crops, wolves attacking livestock, Raids by Tollacks burning villages.

Boarderlands borders the Blight (a huge swath of land to the north. Hot and humid, another world it seems) beyond is cold. The mountain “Shale Goul” Deep inside the blight. Blight said to be inhabited by foul beast men (creatures of folktales, real?).

In Ghealedon, a man calling himself The Dragon claims he can Channel.

Bran interrupts, standing next to huge Blacksmith and Tam. Invites Paddon in to talk with Village Council. Fain stalls but Harl Luhan says, if you please, now.

Cenn Bowie (The Thatcher) heads in to.

I go around house to sneak in window. Jed to watch.

Meeting: What’s this about a dragon? He can channel. (Channeling indicates dark powers, devilish. And if a Dragon Channels, it’s most powerful)

The One Power: The Male side is Tainted. It is addictive. It ultimately makes users mad. Said to have caused the great troubles.

Now if men are caught using the One Power, they are killed or Gentled which makes the use inert to the One Power and they die from it.

False Dragons exist.

Geeladon, a little ways to the south has rumors of a False Dragon. An army of Ai-Sadie are in rout to stop this False Dragon “Logain” who has his own army.

But what do we do about it? Mentions stranger sightings with two more sightings mentioned. Asking who the stranger could be. A refugee from war looking for a hiding place or someone else from war looking to get away.

The council to set up watches tomorrow with a relay system to communicate quickly.

Tonight, they will have men at the edge of town keeping a lookout.

Jed and I talking when a Raven catches my attention behind me. Jed throws a rock and it moves but doesn’t leave.

Lady Moirain (from Cairien, far east), steps around corner. She tells us to kill those things whenever we see them. They are spies for evil.

says she’s a historian of sorts. Says Emond’s field used to go by another name Menethrin.

6pm Hunting in the West Wood, in sight of the hill

Back for dinner then sneak back out to woods near hill with food and weapons.

The Hill: Flat and grassy. Few trees. See the three guys. Then see the dark cloaked man!

Bartie has map out and is pointing to places on it. Other has torch to illuminate map. Can see face of cloaked man. He is a “The Eyeless, Halfman, Myrdraal, Fade, Lurk”!! Who are from Shale Goul, bred from Human and Trollocks. Some kept human characteristics. Always evil, always eyeless, more dangerous than Trollocks.



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