The Dragon's Fang

The Illuminated Hill

On the Hill

Behind cover with Jed- Hidden just outside of campsite

Three Illuminators plus the Fade (Robed Figure)
I am hidden, over hear Illuminators tell Fade, “You are looking for three young men, Rand, Perrin and Matt.” Points to map, “This is where they live.”

Jed and I are a bit shaken as we did not believe in the legend of the Fades before now. 
Begin to descend the rocky path the same way we came up. Then notice what looks to be ten large beings, maybe with horns, maybe in armor a head and shoulders taller than normal men! To all accounts Jed and I believe these to be Trollocs, chaotic creatures created by the Dark One to kill and serve evil purposes who eat their victims. Two seem to be carrying a pole between them with the legendary cook-pot with a human head and bound legs sticking out.
Jed and I sneak to a hiding spot off original path still within hearing distance to the Illuminators camp to avoid the Trollocs coming up.


Great job! I enjoyed the read!

The Illuminated Hill

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