The Dragon's Fang

Pierce Journal

Session September 2nd

One hour after midnight

Having sensed Trollocs, Myrdraal and something else we begin to head towards them.

Two hours later

Elias’s tells us to wait, Trollocs in a camp just over a hill and that we will attack at daylight. Jed and I sleep, the wolves reconnoiter in the mean time.

Jed tells that Padan Fane, a peddler who visitsTwo Rivers with news and goods is in the Trollocs cooking pot. He had went missing after the battle.

Jed then holds his temples, concentrates and tells me the wolves will tell us if they start cooking him.

A couple hours past dawn we are awoken by Elias who tells us the wolves will attack and then we will charge after an initial volley of arrows.

The wolves attack, there are eight wolves and eight Trollocs, the pot with Padan Fane and the Myrdraal.

I begin to run to one side of the camp with Jed on the other and Elias going in from the opposite of the wolves.

Wolves sneak up and make an initial surprise attack

The wolves and Trollocs fight througout but it is the wolves who survive with no losses

We struggle against the Drakarr Fade but in the end he goes down, we step back as its spirit lingers and lashes out.

Previous Session AUG 26

Log of Pierce Al’Vere


Camp of Trollocs recently killed mostly by Elyas Macheras. Also slain was a Fade. The man spoke evenly and and with some suspicion but not towards Jed, only me. He said Jed was coming with ‘them’.

Elyas looking for Young Bull a wolf whisperer

Red Ajah tested Elyas, his bond no longer held to the Warders, they thought he might be a false Dragon or some such, the Ajah wanted to Gentle Elyas, but Genteling does not work on non-Power wielders. He had to leave the Ajah and leaving required Elyas to kill some Warders. (Not all Warders are good)

Rumor: there exists a Black Ajah.

Ajah are a group of sisters, all sharing the same purpose/goal. The Aisa Dye are to protect the world from breaking.

Ajah are groups of Aisa Dye.

Ajah heads from Tar Valon

Yellow Ajah, are healers.

Brown Ajah study Knowledge

White Ajah mainly concerned with reasoning and logic

Blue Ajah involve themselves with politics

Red Ajah seek men who channel and gentle them which makes some sense as channeling men were responsible for the ‘Breaking of the World’

Green Ajah are the ‘Battle Ajah’ to fight for when Tarman Geiden comes. (Armageddon, the last battle of the Dark One)

During talks, Jed exclaims, “It’s Perrin!” He saw an image of Perrin as part wolf, or ‘Holy Wolf’ and is known as Young Bull (can’t explain) and also Jed says his sense of smell is higher now and he knows Perrin’s smell now.

They believe Perrin has been in this wilderness and they believe his trail heads to the north.

Then the group hears sounds and senses Trollocs (Twisted Ones) and a possible Myrdraal (Neverborn) and something or someone else (not Perrin) in the distance.

NOTE: Wolves hate and will die fighting Myrdraal



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