The Dragon's Fang

Journey to the Gate

The Dragons Fang Campaign (Aug 12)

Contact in Tanchico is an herbalist named Frieda.
Heading back to Inn to get Jed and tell Bran I am leaving
At Inn, gathered are a score of villagers with pitchforks and torches and swords
Member of the Coplan family shouts at the inn, “Come out or we’ll burn you out!”
Others shout for someone to come out as well,
Bran and Blacksmith walk around the corner of the Inn
Bran, “What’s this about burning my Inn?”, Coplan walks it back but then starts to get tough
The Blacksmith poses and asks Coplan to continue
Coplan, intermediated, mentions the Morrain and thinks she likely brought these problems, she’s an Aisa Di after all. This goes on for a bit.
Morrane emerges, globe of energy in hand, I “I weep for Aemons blood” then tells of the original people here in Edmonds Field, the people of Manathrin were a noble people and a thorn to the Dark One. Faught a might battle just carrying the day after long travel. Then another battle back here at home followed, victory was hopeless. The king of Menathrin died in battle, the Queen so devastated swelled with such power she exploded in great power killing everyone for miles.
Morrain explains that their ancestors would be ashamed of current day Emmin Feilder’s.
Her story touches the crowd and they disperse.
Head in and upstairs to locate Jed. On way my Aunt Marin (Bran’s wife) cautions that I be quiet.
Talk with Jed about leaving secretly and telling no one what and where but that we just have to leave.
Send Jed to horse, I head to see Bran who does not take it well and tells me to forget this whole idea. I maintain my stance and he come around even offering advice.
Jed tells Cen Buie he’s visiting his cousin in Devin Ride.
Note: Region is Two Rivers that includes many townships.
Head to Nynave’s cottage, asleep.
NOTE: Technically Emond’s Field is in ANDOR but the Queen has never collected taxes nor offered help.
Decide we need advice on which way to head to get to Tanchico; Due west through the wilderness or by road through towns (a much greater distance) so we seek the Gleeman.
Not in room at Inn.
Outside Cen Buie is about the towns business helping still.
NOTE: Jeharrah to the south in Ghealdan (a country in it’s own civil war) also deals with a (false?) dragon named Logain. 
Return to Inn to get map from Bran. Bran says he will see to my family’s land for me.





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